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Welcome to HingeDummy.info!!

This site is dedicated to helping anyone with a question or problem regarding hinges. It focuses on finding the proper hinges for the job and illustrates sample finishes so that you can pick out the hinges that will look the best in your home or office. Finally this site offers clean and clear explanations and instructions for installing cabinet and residential door hinges. By the time you leave this site, you will be an expert when it comes to hinges. Whether you are a total "hinge dummy", or simply need to elucidate some unknowns, this site is for you. Our goal is to advance your hinge knowledge to "Hinge Smarty" status -- a level of esoteric knowledge attained by a very few. Be proud. Be a Smarty.



Ask, Discuss, or Chat about home improvement, projects, and even hinges at the new forum. This is a work in progress, but if you post a question we will do our best to respond and get the community rolling. Thanks for looking!


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Need information on screw types and sizes? Click on the link and check out our screw information and specifications page.



Here at HingeDummy.info and D. Lawless Hardware we strive to be as responsive to our customers and browsers as possible. Thus, we are beginning the process of addressing your inquiries through our 4Q survey. Below are links to pages that will answer specific questions and/or clear up some fuzzy areas of hingology.

How to Remove a Door - http://www.hingedummy.info/doorremoval.htm

Anatomy of a Hinge
- http://www.hingedummy.info/hingeanatomy.htm

Hinge Technical Specfications / Spacing Formulas for Installation -



Disclaimer: Free advice is often times worth what you paid for it. We take no responsibility or credit for what you do with the information herein contained.