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Door Removal

Removing a door is a quite simple process. Here we will take you through step by step. First, you need to identify whether or not your door was installed with tight or loose pin hinges. Almost all residential or walk doors are installed with loose pin hinges. Loose pin hinges allow the door to be removed without uninstalling the hinges by removing the pins only, while tight pin hinges require the hinge to be removed as well as the door. The first process is for loose pin hinges, the second is for tight pin hinges.

Loose Pin Hinge Door Removal

1. Only the hinge pins will need to be removed to take the door down. These can be removed by positioning the edge of a thin bladed screwdriver or chisel at the joint where the head of the pin and top edge of the knuckle or barrel meet. If the pin remains stubborn, try attacking the pin from different angles to loosen it up.

Note: If your hinge has finials or ball tips on the ends of the pin, you'll have to screw out and take off the finials before removing the pins.

finialball tip hinge

2. Tap the handle of the screwdriver lightly, one or two times should dislodge the pin. Once it pops loose do the same to the rest of the hinges on the door.

3. Once all the pins are loose, grab the outside door edge with one hand and pull the pins out with the other. You may need to swing the door back and forth or jiggle it a bit to remove tight pins.

4. To replace the door back, hold door at outer edge and align it with hinges. Slip the pins back in (same jiggling motion may be required for pins to slide in) and give the pins a gentle tap with a hammer. One or two taps should put the pins firmly back in place.


Tight Pin Hinge Door Removal

1. All hinges will have to be taken down in order to remove the door. Begin by marking the place of your existing hinges, this may save you a lot of trouble when reinstalling the door.

2. Next, start unscrewing the hinges one at a time, beginning with the top hinge first and work your way down unitl all hinges are removed. If you are with someone they can hold the door up while you begin removing the hinges. If by yourself, make use of wedges to help hold the door up in place while you're removing the hinges.

3. Once all hinges are unscrewed remove the door from the walkway and you're finished!


Ramming it Down - Should not be done alone

1. By far the most entertaining way for door removal is "ramminig it down." Begin by stepping back from the door a good 12 feet.

2. Lower your shoulder and concentrate on the center of your target (the door).

3. Charge towards the door with strong legs and tigthen core as well as shoulder and arm for impact.

4. Impact the door as broadly as possible with braced shoulder and upper arm. Put full force of body behind the impact.

5. If you are not a weakling, door removal should be complete.

6. Repeat as necessary.