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270 Degree Hinge Installation

270 degree hinges are generally used on entertainment centers or any cabinet where the doors need to swing all the way around the front of the cabinet and lay flat against the sides. Installation for this hinge is similiar to other cabinet hinges in most respects.

1) On the cabinet door, measure for the location of all hinges.

2) If you plan to mortise your hinge then you will want to position each hinge on the door and mark the perimeter of the hinge with a pencil. Then gently cut out the mortise within the perimeter of the mark with a chisel and hammer. The mortise should only be as deep as the hinge leaf. Repeat this step for all cabinet doors.

3) Next, mark the location for the screw holes. You may want to drill pilot holes, but this is not necessary. Install the screws securing the hinge in place.