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Inset Hinges

On an inset mount, the door has a rabbet cut in it all the way around so that the door sits with half of the thickness of the door to sit back and the other half overlaying the cabinet. It has sometimes been referred to as a lipped door.





Wrap around inset hinge

This type of hinge offers extra strength by wrapping around the face frame. There are two types of wrap around hinges: full wrap around and half wrap around.



Full wrap around full inset hinge functions exactly like a butt hinge. The only difference is the "wrap-arounds" which give added support to both the door and the cabinet mounting.


In most cases you will need a 3/8” inset semi-concealed hinge. Part of this hinge will be mounted to the face frame and part of the hinge will be hidden from view behind the cabinet door.
inset hinge information
A wrap around 3/8 inset hinge wraps around a face frame allowing the door to be attached with no screws visible.










A full inset european hinge will not be visible from the outside of the cabinet, unlike more common overlay european hinges this hinge allows the cabinet door to fit flush with the frame providing a flat and clean look to your cabinet front.