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Overlay Hinges

All of these overlay hinges and more are available at D. Lawless Hardware's overlay cabinet hinge page. Please check them out.

semi concealed hinge information

As with flush mount hinges, when installing hinges on an overlay cabinet you will have a variety of choices. Below are the hinges that will likely fulfill your needs. Click pictures for purchase inquiry. New window will open.

Click here to learn how to measure hinge overlay.

A semi-concealed hinge is one that attaches to the face frame and attaches the other leaf hidden behind the door. These are the most common hinges used on cabinet doors that overlay.





half wrap hinge information
The half wrap around hinge gives you extra strength by wrapping around and attaching to the back edge of the door and/or the face frame. Also, some aesthetic value is gained in that only the hinge pin shows when door is closed.








full wrap around hinge information


The full wrap around hinge is the sturdiest and strongest hinge because it wraps all the way around 3 sides of the face frame to which the hinge is attached. A full wrap is good for heavier or large doors that need extra strength to facilitate that weight. Full wrap around hinges are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.





european hinge information


Euro overlay face frame hinges are part of the euro standardized system for mounting. This one-piece hinge is for mounting on a cabinet with a face frame. Requires no separate mounting plate. Is self-closing.

Click here to install euro hinges.






Euro overlay hinges are part of the euro standardized system for mounting. These hinges require a mounting plate that is often purchased separately in different thicknesses so that the overlay can be adjusted. Self-closing. This hinge comes in a myriad of configurations for a large number of applications. Use is not for the timid.
european hinge information