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This site was created by Derrick and Dane Lawless. We are the sons of Dave Lawless. You can see our pictures on the home page; Dane is the one on the left (ha-ha). We grew up in Olney, IL, but we currently attend Loyola University and DePaul University in Chicago. Our dad has been selling cabinet and furniture hardware (especially hinges) since either of us can remember. I guess you could say our lives have “hinged” around hardware (we really aren’t as dorky as we just sounded). We understand that installing hinges is probably the most difficult thing to do when it comes to installing furniture hardware. There are so many different hinges to select from that it can become overwhelming. After all these years we aren’t really sure we understand them. We created this site in order to make it a little easier for people without much experience to efficiently install a hinge. We also hoped to attract some business for the old man (college isn’t exactly cheap). So now that you know what you are doing, get a great deal on hinges and other hardware and at the same time help keep us in college by buying your hinges at dlawlesshardware.com.

Thanks for visiting our site,

Dane and Derrick