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European Hinge Installation
Important: Learn about the effects of mounting plate heights on european hinges.


The back of the door should be drilled with two 8mm and one 35mm hole to receive the hinge and its mounting screws.

This requires a special bit, which is featured on the right hand side of the page. For more info or to purchase click on picture to open D. Lawless Hardware website.

                                                                   european hinge drill bit

Then simply lay the door face down on a flat surface, line up the dowels with the holes in the door, and drop the hinge into the holes.

After this, use the correct screwdriver and tighten the screws all the way to the stop. The hinge has now been installed to the door.

Next, it is time to place the mounting plates on the cabinet. An easy way to do this is to hold the door in place (in its fully opened position relative to the cabinet) and put two screws in each mounting plate on the cabinet side. Then separate the door and hinges from the hinge mounting plates and finish screwing the mounting plates onto the side of the cabinet.

The mounting plates will be positioned as such.


Now that the mounting plates have been firmly secured you can easily reattach the door to the cabinet box.

Above was a description of how you would most commonly install a European hinge. Below are a few things that will help you fully understand what you are doing along with some hints if you plan on using European hinges on a face frame cabinet.

When you are installing European hinges on a face frame cabinet, the mounting plate will be placed on the edge of the frame. However, it is easier and more conventional to use a one-piece European hinge like the one below.

These illustrations should help you correctly determine whether your cabinet is frameless (European) or face frame. The other illustrations will show where and when to mount hinges as overlay, half overlay, and inset.





mounting placement on frameless cabinet.



mounting placement on face frame cabinet.

You're nearly a european hinge smarty! Just check out the effects mounting plate heights can have on euro hinges for your last course. Check out the effects of european mounting plates.