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Here are some examples of hinges designed for primary purposes.






flap hinge


quadrant hinge


The flap hinge is a must have for the construction of drop-front panels and anywhere a flush mount hinge is needed to stop at 180 degrees so surfaces are flush with each other. Closed position is 90 degrees.
The quadrant hinge is generally used on jewelry boxes and small chests. Quadrant hinges provide hinge action with lid support. They are available in a variety of sizes, usually this type of hinge requires a deep mortise. Click here for more information on installing quadrant hinges.
quadrant hinge






Glass door pivot hinges are typically seen installed on entertainment centers. The hinge grips the glass panel with either a wedge or with a set screw or two. Mounting is accomplished by drilling a hole in the top and bottom horizontal panels above and below the doors. The bearing inserts are pushed ino the holes and the hinge pins are inserted. This type hinge will require a stop (like a magnetic push latch) to keep it within the desired range of motion an to hold the closed door in place.
glass door pivot hinge




hexagon hinge






folding screen hinge


Folding screen hinges are just what you would imagine. These are the hinges you see on folding dressing screens that allow the individual panels to to fold in either direction. This hinge is actually quite complicated in its design, but is very easy to install. By taking notice of which side of the screw holes are beveled, you can easily determine where the panels mount.





Demountable hinges come in double and single demountable styles. These are best left to professionals and cabinet makers. A special cutter is required to make a mounting slot for these hinges. This hinge allows easy door changes for cabinet customization.

demountable hinge

Hexagon hinges are used to construct a hexagon-shaped end table or cabinet with a door opening. The panels must be beveled on the backside to 135 degrees. Doors will meet at a 45 degree angle.














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