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Effects of European Mounting Plate Heights

european mountin plate

Mounting plates for european hinges typically come in heights of 0-4mm, but they are available in larger heights for certain brands and specialty jobs. The height of your mounting plate directly effects your overlay and reveal. If you are not familiar with overlay and reveal, check out the illustrations and text below.

euro reveal euro overlayeuro mounting plate

The shaded area represents the title for each picture. As you can logically conclude, the taller the mounting plate, the more reveal, and the shorter the mounting plate the less reveal. Also, the taller the mounting plate, the less overlay, and the shorter the mounting plate, the more overlay. The height of the mounting plate reduces the overlay of the door by an equal amount. That is, the taller the mounting plate the smaller the overlay. Thus, one can use different sized mounting plates as another form of adjusting the reveal and overlay of their hinges.

If your still having trouble with reveal and overlay, check out our hinge glossary page.