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Special Purpose Hinges (cont.)




270 degree open hinge


drop leaf hinge


270 degree open hinges allow a door to swing all the way around the side panel to which they are mounted, and lay flat against the side of the cabinet. These hinges are most useful on cabinets used as entertainment centers or computer cabinets.
Drop leaf hinges are typically use on drop leaf tables(duhh..). These hinges are configured especially for the purpose of mounting on the underside of a table for attaching a swing-up table extension.







Marathon hinges are a self-closing and self-latching hinge that is hidden except for about 1/4" of the pin that is visible from the front of the cabinet door. This hinge requires a small cut to be made in the door, and some medium level cabinetry skills.
marathon hinge




two leaf hinge






invisible hinge


Invisible spring hinge for Inset, Full or Partial overlay doors. Euro-Hinge performance from a surface mount hinge. Up to 25/32" overlay. 90 degrees opening. Use for doors up to 3/4" thick. This hinge is for use on cabinets without face-frames. If you have face-frames you must use a 1 3/4" block attached at 90 degrees to face-frame to mount this hinge.





Sewing machine hinges are used most often connect two panels which meet flush as in a drop front desk, or the lid of an antique sewing machine for which it is named.

sewing machine hinge

Two leaf hinges consist of two independently pivoting leaves that will rotate 360 degrees. These are sometimes used as a non-mortise butt hinge. But, more often, these are used as a swivel for a framed mirror hanging in a yoke as in a dressing mirror or a vanity mirror.



barrel hinge



Barrel hinges are completely invisible when a flush mounted door is in the closed position. The hinge is only visible when the door is in the open position. This is a great hinge to use if you want to give your cabinets a smooth, clean look.






rising butt hinge



Rising butt hinges are designed for use where shag carpeting or any other type of thick floor covering might interfere with the opening of the door. The rising-butt hinge allows the door to rise slightly to clear the carpeting when it is opened.













A half mortise hinge has one leaf mortised into the door jamb while the other leaf is surface mounted to the front of the door.

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